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24th November 2019
What is our foundation of hope, what threatens it and most importantly how can we hold onto it? Stephen tackles these big questions in week 3 of our series.

Hope Incarnate

17th November 2019
Janice shares a powerful message from John 1, on why Jesus is the only real hope that never disappoints.

Church Leadership

29th September 2019
What should Church Leadership look like and is there a Biblical Model for it? Stephen shares great wisdom from Titus 1, in part 2 of "A Maturing Church" series.
How do we find and hold onto peace in the midst of difficult situations and circumstances? Ryan shares some wisdom from the life of Naomi, in the book of Ruth.

Jesus is Better

8th September 2019
Blazio charges the church to keep all eyes focused on Jesus in order to finish the race set out before us. This is Blazio's final preach at G1 Fourways.
You can't control what life throws at you but you can control how you respond to it, what you learn from it and who you become because of it.