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24th November 2019
What is our foundation of hope, what threatens it and most importantly how can we hold onto it? Stephen tackles these big questions in week 3 of our series.

Church Leadership

29th September 2019
What should Church Leadership look like and is there a Biblical Model for it? Stephen shares great wisdom from Titus 1, in part 2 of "A Maturing Church" series.

Saved and Sent

22nd September 2019
Stephen kicks off our series, A Maturing Church from the Book of Titus; a personal letter written from Paul to Titus to help him with his commission in Crete.
You can't control what life throws at you but you can control how you respond to it, what you learn from it and who you become because of it.
How do you find contentment and fulfillment in the lot given to you by God? Is money worth pursuing and does it lead to joy? King Solomon gives his view.
There's hurt, pain and sorrow in the world, often with no simple solution, however, hope comes through community with one another and Christ at the centre. Be encouraged.


7th July 2019
We all enjoy seasons for many reasons, and God created a season for everything. This is true physically as well as spiritually. Stephen helps explain this topic.
Stephen kicks off our Meaningless Life series with Part 1, A Crooked Life. How do we find the meaning of life in a world that is crooked? King Solomon teaches…